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Focus on manifesting the small stones. Then one day you will awaken to a grand pyramid.

Philosophy with Purpose

Doctor of Philosophy, Teacher, Speaker & Author


I will guide you in stepping outside of your personal perspective, gaining happiness and re-training your approach to challenges. Taking each moment from a mundane, unimportant speck of time to the awareness that each minute is the creation of the large goals.


I have been a guest on diverse television networks and the Bali based premier of the ‘Unstuck Summit’. I enjoyed teaching side by side with veterans of this field including the meditation master, best selling author, and creator of the 21 Day Meditation Process, Davidji.

Learning & Writing

I continue my education each day, knowing that all topics have their connection to how we process life. I’m an author for the Chopra Center and Urban Wellness magazine. You can find some of my favorite topics on the linked sites.


I have developed in-depth steps to the manifestation process. This program has helped thousands of students and clients nationwide in redesigning how to think instead of what to think. Happiness, fulfillment, and abundance are within reach once we decode the blockage holding us back.

My studies started with an enthusiasm for psychology, with awards for best in class. Early college years included nursing, quitting college, and returning to complete a PhD in philosophy.

The notions I learned sparked the desire for me to specialize in metaphysics and mental health.

To complete the circle of mind, body, and spirit, I am also a graduate of the Chopra University. Forever grateful to my world-renowned teachers, Deepak Chopra, Davidji, Mike Dooley, and Dr. Shiva.

Choose The Class For You

Corporate Events, Retreats, CE Credits for LMT & Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Gain guidance on your personal challenges, strip away the layers of conditioning.


Keynote Speaker

Custom designed time slot to meet the needs of your event.


Conferences & Seminars

Keynote speaker events may be booked from one hour to a full week.


Carve Your Thoughts: 6 Month Program

Creating the mindset we need to change our life takes work. The same thought processes have gotten you this far in life. To shift toward a change and manifest a new goal, the layers of negative or nonproductive brainwork must change, allowing how we think instead of what we think to take the lead.

Team Training

Training will be custom designed to your company needs based on the number of employees, industry, etc…


Chopra Center: Perfect Health

Get ready to experience the healthiest version of yourself. There exists in you a place that is free from disease, never feels pain, is ageless, and never dies.


Ayurveda: Continuing Education

Sharing the latest research, advanced Ayurvedic teachings, and continuing education opportunities in 12 Hours of Ayurveda/Chopra Program.



Melissa Carver is the most present, caring, and insightful woman that I know. I have known her personally for several years and she has never been anything short of true, genuine, and honest. I attended her mindful manifestation workshop last month, and was overwhelmed with insight and knowledge. She never ceases to inspire and help guide me.

Haley Johnson

Dr. Melissa Carver is a pure motivational force <3 I recently attended her Mindfulness Manifestation workshop and was blown away by the information she gave us. Not to mention her presence alone makes you want to be on top of your game, she'll remind you real quick that anything is possible if you're willing to put in the work. She has shifted my mindset and life in various ways since I began following her work and I love her for it!

Ari Shelton

I left Melissa’s recent Mindfulness & Manifestation workshop with lots to think about, a list for further research and some positive steps to further my own journey. I appreciate the energy she and Leo are sending out into the world. We need more of it.

Jeanne Marie Hibberd